As a member of the CZOPP National Coalition, a person/institution is expected to: 

  1. be committed to the mission and guiding principles of the Coalition; 
  2. advance the cause of the Coalition and not to use the Coalition for the benefit of any individual organization; 
  3. act as facilitators for the benefit of children affected by conflict; 
  4. be an advocate for child rights and always put children's rights, protection and development in the forefront; 
  5. respect the child's right to childhood and honors, protect and work for their rights to access emergency humanitarian relief regardless of their background; 
  6. recognize the positive aspects of all parties and try to make them work for children's rights; 
  7. always remain honest and truthful with self and others; 
  8. be congenial, polite and respectful of all people; 
  9. respect the code of confidentiality under all circumstances; 
  10. never give false hopes and promises; 
  11. not to be engaged with any political parties, and remain objective and neutral in conflicts as per the tenets of child rights and human rights; 
  12. not be involved in any activity that discriminates or hurts the social, religious, ideological sentiments of anyone; 
  13. not to provide, any financial or material support to any group or activity involved in conflict on a personal or institutional basis, 
  14. not to undertake any activity involving children in the presence of armed personnel;