National Coalition for Children as Zones of Peace and Child Protection (CZOPP), since its' inception in 2001, is envisioned as the national campaign as well as the movement preliminarily focusing on the protection of rights of the children involved and affected from the impact of the armed conflict in Nepal. Children are one of the vulnerable groups in conflict situation. They are often become victim of murder, rape, abduction, kidnapping and other cruel and inhuman degrading treatment and used in armed conflict related activities in such situation.

Even in the post conflict situation, children are still in vulnerable situation. Basically, the political interference and the absence of fulfillment of state obligation towards protection and promotion of child rights are in existence. Because of this fact, the concept of "children as zones of peace" and "school as zones of peace" always remains in shadow. It is therefore, the effort put by the national and international child rights organization in CZOPP continued in post conflict period with broadening its scope. That is why; National Coalition for Children as Zones of Peace and Child Protection (CZOPP) is the symbol of continuous effort made by different national and international child rights organizations ranging from district, regional and central level for the protection and promotion of child rights.

CZOPP has passed the 8th AGM within 2014 along with broadening its scope and now it basically comprises the four basic thematic components namely: Policy Advocacy, Schools as Zones of Peace (SZOP), Child Protection and Institutional Development (Networking, Knowledge managemen and documentation). During the existence of Constituent Assembly (CA), CZOPP had continuously put its efforts in protecting child rights in new constitution. Due to such continuous effort, the 7 recommendations had been incorporated among the 11 recommendations by CA. CZOPP further running its campaign in collaboration with Government of Nepal. Basically, in regard to School as Zones of Peace (SZOP), CZOPP is collaborating with Ministry of Education, Department of Education. In regard to child protection, CZOPP has entered into NACG (National Action Coordinating Group)- Nepal for the purpose of SAIEVAC (South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children).  

Along with these thematic components, the regional and district chapters of CZOPP is another backbone for us. It is our very remarkable achievement that the "CZOPP" as a national campaign is not only limited in the central capital rather it is wide spread in regional and district level. "Children as Zones of Peace" and "School as Zones of Peace" campaign is now also initiated from district and regional level. 

We feel proud that we can make influence in policy making level along with all concerned stakeholders for the continue assurance of "children as zones of peace" and "school as zones of peace" and we heartily welcome all the stakeholders for the common effort in this campaign. In this very instance, we want to request and appeal all the stakeholders relating to child rights for maintaining 'Children as zones of peace' and 'Schools as zones of Peace' and also to promote and protect child rights. 

"Let's come in a single platform for unifying the efforts for the protection and promotion of child rights." 

"Let's Ensure Child Rights in New Constitution. Let's put effort for child-friendly Constitution."


Mr. Krishna Subedi 

Chairperson, CZOPP- National Coalition