National Coalition for Children as Zones of Peace and Child Protection (CZOPP) is a national coalition/ network of organizations working in the field of child rights established in 2003 in order to undertake collective advocacy and coordinate and integrate the efforts for protection and promotion of rights of children affected from armed conflict. It has twenty- six member organizations with National Human Rights Commission and Nepal Red Cross Society as observers.

CZOPP has been emerged as a movement that advocates for children’s basic right during and after armed-conflicts. Building up on a movement that developed in Nepal in early 2001, this coalition has been forged to magnify and strengthen the efforts to declare Children and Schools as Zones of Peace and urge the adults and their institutions, including the state and non-state parties, to fulfill their obligations towards children in a strong, united, neutral, and effective manner.

Coalition's Vision

CZOPP envisions a Nepali society where children are respected as zones of peace and all actors take maximum possible steps to protect children's rights even in the conflict situations.

Coalition’s Mission

The Coalition, guided by major international human right tenets will advocate to all parties involved in the conflict not to take away children's right to childhood, to keep them out of conflict and not recruit them as combatants or involve them in any kind of armed conflict-related activities. It advocates for children to have uninterrupted access to education and basic health care services, water supply and sanitation, to let them grow up as happy, peace-loving, non-violent children. It advocates for the endorsement of a child-centered Human Rights Accord and Code of Conduct to be implemented by all parties; and for an increased understanding about the protection of internally displaced or unaccompanied children, and their right to live with their families as far as possible.

Modality and Approach

The Coalition is made up of increasing number of partners from national and international arena working directly with and for children. Human rights & humanitarian organizations, civil society organizations, commissions & federations, National and International NGOs, and UNICEF are the members of Coalition. It works in a concerted and unified manner, utilizing existing structures and mechanisms in government, civil society and NGOs, to help reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts. 

The Coalition maintains independence and impartiality while advocating with political parties, parties on all sides of the conflict, and has the flexibility to work throughout the country. It works to ensure that all parties are adhering to the Code of Conduct, the Human Rights Accord as well as the human rights tenets