During the period of war like violent conflict the rights of children was seriously affected. Many Schools were used by Nepal Army and/or Maoist Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) as their parade grounds or shelters. Number of children was forcefully used as child soldiers by rebellions. Many children lost their lives while confronting cross fires and mine/bomb blasts. In such a condition regular teaching activities were seriously disrupted. Therefore the child focus agencies came together by forming a coalition Children as Zone of Peace (CZOP) in August 21, 2003 to advocate for children's basic right to life, development, and protection. Since then, it has been active in propagating mission and objectives of CZOP. 

In 2006 the Government of Nepal and Maoist rebellions entered into peace process by signing a comprehensive accord. Since then the Nepal Armies and Maoist PLAs are placed into their camps and cantonments. Thus the political context of Nepal has been changed from violent conflict to post conflict situation. The war between Maoist and Nepal government has been suspended but the impacts of violent conflict on the lives of children are rampant in Nepal. Moreover, there are still some groups and clicks, in the parts of Terai, actively leading violent conflicts. As in the past these groups are also violating basic child rights. With this backdrop the CZOPP is continuously working to address child rights in the post conflict and on-going conflict situation in Terai as well.